I am seeing a surge in enquiries, post lockdown, from those who have been cocooning during the Covid-19 pandemic due to  age or underlying conditions.

Exercise is key to a healthy and enjoyable life, and adults should do at least 30 minutes of appropriate daily exercise. Once you have mastered 30 minutes, you can build up to 60 minutes.

As a result of cocooning during lockdown, many people have been unable to exercise, or, understandably, lost the motivation to do it.

A sedentary life is not a good idea for any of us, particularly those aged over 70 or with underlying conditions. Lack of exercise or movement can  lead to sarcopenia, as well as aches, pains and a risk of injury.

If you are very unfit, it’s important that you don’t undertake an exercise programme unsupervised. I provide one-to-one personal training in a safe and supervised setting at Hayfield Manor. The private gym on-site provides a quiet place to exercise, with no loud background music or noise, and the space and privacy you need to begin or restart your exercise regime.

If you would like to try something at home, or see what is involved, here’s a video from me that shows how to do some basic calf stretches. Click video link here.

NOTE: Those with bone loss should never do stretches or exercises which require you to  bend forwards or reach to touch your toes (sitting or standing), as this can cause bones in your back to break (fracture) (Irish Osteoporosis Society).

If you have poor balance or are apprehensive of losing your balance, start with the seated exercises. Only progress to the standing exercises if you feel safe to do them, possibly begin them with a chair directly behind you, so that if you feel tired, you can sit down for a rest. Please do not attempt any exercise that you do not think you can realistically do, or you are afraid of losing your balance or injuring yourself.

Strengthening and Balance Exercises have many benefits:

  • Improves your mobility
  • Keeps you fit and healthy
  • Helps you to stay flexible
  • Improves your brain health
  • Enhances your memory
  • Lifts your mood
  • Maintains and improves your balance

As with all new exercise programmes, it’s very important to start slowly and build up. If you’re unsure of where to begin, or how to begin, fill out the form below or give me a call on 086 1072528.