The thing I found best was knowing that every session Gillian solely focused on my progress and that I have to do the work in between to be up to standard.and that Gillian will subtly get the most out of me during every session, without pushing me beyond what I am capable of.”



My objectives were to get back to a good level of fitness, lose some weight along the way and to end up with a program that I could continue to work with on a regular basis. Gillian worked with me on a program she put together and it worked out brilliant. Within 3 weeks of the 6 week program, I felt infinitely better. I went from struggling with a mile run to comfortably running 6 miles several times a week. The program and Gillian’s support provided me with the structure, motivation and guidance along the way that I needed. If I was trying to achieve the same thing on my own I would not have come close to the same results.”

David, 34


Gillian has helped put great structure and focus around my goal to get fit and slimmer during the past year. I am so thrilled with the results that training has become a very positive lifestyle choice.”

Valerie, 43


“It was 8 weeks to go before the wedding and I needed to lose a stone and a bit to fit into the wedding suit. I gave Gillian a call and she put me on a 8 week program to get me into shape.and it worked! She tailored the exercise routines to get into part of my working day and also gave me some useful tips on diet. I’d highly recommend Gillian . and yes I can still fit into my wedding suit.”

Darren, 32


“My cousins wedding was coming up and I was a bridesmaid. 6 weeks to go, the zip would not go up! Panic stations. I called Gillian and told her my predicament, 6 weeks to fit into the dress. There was no alternative, it was either that or be sacked as bridesmaid. I’m happy to say that after 6 weeks, I was able to fit into the dress and looked fabulous on the day! Gillian has a great approach, she’s not scary but at the same time you wouldn’t want to let her down. I ate more sensibly and trained during the week with running and weights. I was out and about, getting fit and healthy and Gillian really gave me the motivation to do it.”

Ciara, 27


“I had my first personal training session with Gillian 6 months after my baby was born. My goal was to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy and to get fit again. Gillian was very encouraging and positive. She set a challenging but realistic training programme to suit me. Within a short period of time (2-3 months) I had lost the baby weight and was much fitter and more toned. 9 months later, I am fitter than I have been in 10 years and running is part of my lifestyle. I have monthly personal training sessions and that keeps me focused and interested in my training.”

Ann, 33


“I was involved in high intensity training for my sport, rugby. I found Gillian’s guidance and support helped me to get to and maintain the level required. This was especially helpful when at times I felt overwhelmed by the work rate that was expected of me.”

Robert, 17


“Gillian played an important role in Dan’s swimming success last season. She worked with him on core strength and conditioning. She advised him on diet, hydration and race preparation and played a key mentorship role. She was always generous with her time and supportive of his endeavours.”

Dan Sweeney, Junior U19 Breaststroke Irish Record holder