Many people, before a major operation, consider their overall health and fitness. There is no doubt that getting in shape will lead to a better outcome post-surgery, and that the recovery will be easier.

Similarly, post operation, many people need to work on their fitness, having neglected it previously due to pain or limited mobility, or because they need to recover areas of the body after the surgery.

The good news is that there are loads of ways to improve your fitness pre operation. How much you move, how strong you are, how fit you are, your diet and eliminating bad habits, such as smoking and excessive alcohol, are all very beneficial.

For some people, who have good fitness overall, but have neglected their resistance training and weights usage, some small steps in the right direction will have a great impact. For others, it’s starting at the beginning, and the journey will take a bit longer, but the good news is, I can design a personal training programme suitable for your needs and abilities.

Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise before the operation is useful to strengthen muscles, to reduce breathing problems, to build up stamina and to reduce fatigue after the operation. It is recommended that you take some form of regular exercise every day. The goal is to do an hour a day.

Resistance training

Weights and resistance training are recommended before an operation, as they help to strengthen muscles, to improve cardio vascular health, and to improve recovery times. It is recommended that you undertake a strength and conditioning programme, suitable for your needs, before a major operation.


Cardio is exercise where you get you get your heart pumping. It’s key to overall fitness and health, and a very important part of looking after your heart health. This means you should be breaking a sweat, feel out of breath, and challenged. The key is doing it safely in line with your abilities and current fitness levels. You should be aiming to get 2-3 cardio fitness sessions in per week.


As the saying goes, you can’t exercise out of a bad diet. I will create a diet and meal plan, that will optimise your health in the run up to the operation. Simple changes will have a big impact. Initially, an assessment of where you are is needed, and from there, we can make a plan.

Healthy lifestyle

It’s worth reviewing habits such as smoking, drinking and consumption of sugary drinks or foods. The more you reduce / remove, the healthier you will be.

The good news is, it won’t be long before you’re feeling great, from taking small steps. As well as that, I always see the most impact from clients who are working towards a goal. I will design a programme to meet your needs and keep you on track as you go. Ensuring your health is optimal ahead of your operation.

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