Many people are challenged by the seemingly simple Couch to 5k. Their reasons for failure are many, including fear, potential injury worries, worried about doing it wrong, underlying health conditions, a desire to be fit, but a lack of motivation to make it happen, years of little or no movement or fitness.

Most of you who get to this point, are probably questioning what you are doing even reading this, and if it’s possible at all. The good news is, I have trained hundreds of people to run 5k, and combined that with a healthy diet plan and a weights programme, suited to your abilities, ensuring that after 4 months, you’ll come out of the fitness programme as a brand new person! The whole process of learning to run can be hugely rewarding for those that succeed.

So, how does the Couch to 5k programme with me work?

I start clients on a weekly, or twice weekly programme, depending on the client’s needs. The programme begins with a combination of walking and jogging at a very pace and gradually builds up over time. Typically, the first half of the session is spent on cardio, i.e. jogging, and the second half of the session is spent on weights. I will discuss your diet with you and teach you how track what you are eating, and become food aware. Each week or session, you will improve your performance, little by little. Under my supervision, you’ll learn great techniques and great eating habits. By becoming more food conscious, you’ll start eating more healthily, and in 4 months, you will be transformed. I have brought hundreds of people through this programme, from those post-operation, after a long hiatus from exercise, after injury, after a lifetime of bad habits, you name it, I has seen it.

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Here’s what Gillian’s clients say:

The thing I found best was knowing that every session Gillian solely focused on my progress and that I have to do the work in between to be up to standard.and that Gillian will subtly get the most out of me during every session, without pushing me beyond what I am capable of.”



My objectives were to get back to a good level of fitness, lose some weight along the way and to end up with a program that I could continue to work with on a regular basis. Gillian worked with me on a program she put together and it worked out brilliant. Within 3 weeks of the 6 week program, I felt infinitely better. I went from struggling with a mile run to comfortably running 6 miles several times a week. The program and Gillian’s support provided me with the structure, motivation and guidance along the way that I needed. If I was trying to achieve the same thing on my own I would not have come close to the same results.”

David, 34


Gillian has helped put great structure and focus around my goal to get fit and slimmer during the past year. I am so thrilled with the results that training has become a very positive lifestyle choice.”

Valerie, 43